Austria – Styria, 2022, July 24th – July 31th


Meet people from all over Europe, experience other cultures, build friendships and learn what it means to be a real leader. Moreover, workshops, excursions, shopping visits, a charity activity, swimming, a farewell party (Gala night) and lots of fun are on the agenda.

No drugs, alcohol or smoking in the Youth Camp!!!

Keen to go to a Youth Camp? Have a look at next year’s event on Facebook “Kiwanis Youth Camp 2022”. Apply for the Camp soon. Details will follow.


Aged between 16 and 20 you are able to speak at least Basic English (official Camp language). Ideally, you are also interested in getting to know youngsters from all over Europe.

Camp Fee

Your fee for the camp amounts € 200. Once your application has been accepted you will be invoiced by the District Austria. Thanks to Kiwanis, the rest of the event is being subsidized. You will have to cover the travel costs to the camp and back again in case your corresponding District does not subsidize it. (Some Districts agree to pay some of the travel costs.)


By signing this registration form I understand and agree that by attending the Kiwanis Youth Camp or related activities, registrants agree to be photographed by any means and allow Kiwanis the right to use photos, video or film likeness for any purpose without compensation or notice.
The datas of registration for the Kiwanis Youth Camp 2022 will be used for this purpose only and will not be saved or sold to third parties.
Registration is completed by paying the participation fee and by sending the signed Kiwanis Youth Camp Rules and  and (if necessary) the Reputation Certificate to
Kiwanis Youth Camp has taken an insurance for liability and personal accidents for all participants. Details on request.